Striker Manager. Your internet football management Striker Manager Season 27 Update Tue, 20 Jun 2017 17:48:28 +0200
Season 27 brings fresh quality of life updates for you to keep enjoying the best Football Manager there is!
These changes will be gradually rolled out during the season so take this message as an advice.

1.- XP increment notice:
Now you'll be able to see a player's XP increment after every match.

2.- Retired Junior players:
From the moment this gets implemented on, a junior player whose progression reaches 0 will retire from professional football so they can choose a different path in life, seeing that they have no future in football. This is a way to clean the junior teams so they are not filled with 30 year old players.

3.- Canon:
A new tab will be added to the "Info" section of your team where you'll be able to check any available active canon. You'll also find any past canons you had (we'll try to show all past canons but this is not guaranteed).

4.- Loan history:
You'll be able to check a manager's loan history so you can make better decisions about loaning players to them or not.

5.- Minimum squad number:
A manager won't be able to sell or fire a player if their squad doesn't sport a minimum of 13 players. This will avoid bad situations where matches couldn't be played.

6.- Minimum morale:
Players won't display morale under 1% anymore. This way, we will prevent match conflict due to low morale squad.

You'll be seeing these changes implemented during this season.

Kind regards,
The U-Play Online Team.]]>
UPDATES SEASON 24 Sun, 18 Sep 2016 11:23:30 +0200
We would like to share with you the new upgrades we will introduce with the new season.

For years there is controversy over whether it was possible to use scripts or third party software to get an advantage in hostile clause. Apparently, the use of programs that automate the action of pressing the left mouse button, could saturate the server and block the player, which could give advantage.

We can not be sure when a manager is using scriptsWe can not be sure that a user is using a program like this is really clicking it or manually. Obviously by the number of clicks that are made may be suspicious but never know 100%

For that reason, We've decided to implement a new measure:

- From now on you can make up to 200 clicks to send an offer for a player (hostile clause or pacted transfer). Once this number of 200 clicks is surpassed, you won’t be able to sign that player while he remains in the current team.

- We think taht 200 clicks is enought to try to sign a player. I

In order to make it easiest as possible to understand this new measure, you will see a counter in the player's profile.

- SEARCH + -
We have decided to replace the parameter "Loyalty" by parameter "Attribute".
Thanks to this parameter, you can search for one of the following attributes: Pass, Shot, Dribbling, Speed, Ball Steal, Saves, Strength, Technique, Aggressiveness, Leadership and Versatility. You will also have to choose the minimum value development attribute.

Thanks to this change, we are sure tha search+ will become even more useful and will help you to find your desired player.

From now you it will be possible to invest 50 golden balls to nationalize a player of your team. Thanks to this new tool, it is possible to change the nationality of the players to match with your team nationality.

Nationalize option will be on the profile player and will be available once the player has completed 4 seasons in your team. Note that if you sell the player, the timer will restart. Loans do not coun

We hope you like the new changes, enjoy the new season!

Feel free to comment this future update in the following link:

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Updates from Fiscals' team Thu, 25 Sep 2014 19:08:43 +0200
So I have recently seen a lot of people complain they they can't loan, buy, or sell players from a certain team. This is not a bug, there is a reason to this. If you share an IP with somebody, or log onto somebody's account other then yours, it links them together (there may be a few other ways account gets linked as well). I'm sure you can probably assume why it does that. These links can be removed by any @, however it requires some basic investigation on our part to make sure that you in fact are not abusing any rule, and may not be removed depending on what we find. Once the link is removed, you can negotiate with that team, however the removal isn't permanent. If you continue to share an IP with somebody, the link has to be removed every time you want to make a transaction.
Note, however, that we will not repeat IP links removal for the said two users if it is found that the links keep coming back after each and every log in.

If you have this issue, contact an @, and we can sort it out for you. Feel free to post any questions here:

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UPDATES SEASON 20 Thu, 17 Sep 2015 09:27:44 +0200
We would like to share with you the new upgrades we will introduce with the new season.

From now on all the current users of the game can enjoy two kinds of advantages in the Promoters System:

1- By Check: In order to promote new registrations, the prize of customization give it to the best promoters won't be available anymore.
2- By Register: If the promoted registers and reaches 8,000 experience points:
+ Promoter will receive +250 Golden Balls
+ Promoter will get a 10% of Golden Balls bought by promoted (remains unchanged)

Invite your friends using this link:

All new users registered on Striker Manager (from Season 20) will receive a gift every time they reach on of the following Goals based on XP:

8.000 XP - 2 Million- Pack Manager (30 days)
25.000 XP - 5 Million - 50 Golden Balls
50.000 XP - 8 Million - 100 Golden Balls
100.000 XP - 15 Million - 200 Golden Balls

To help newcomers to compete in a somewhat fairer conditions, new managers, will start with a team that has an average of 40/50.

From now on it will not be possible to loan a player who has signed a contract less than 72 hours ago. This new measure affects all kinds of new contracts.

This way, other managers can do a hostile clause to our players before we can try to loan them. We expect to improve the market and put a stop to loans of good players with ridiculous contracts.

From now on, after any kind of renewal, will be applied a protection during 24h + X, where X is from 0 to 24 hours. This will affect any contract renewal (junior and senior), promotion of juniors (to the first team and from the school) and juniors with a new contract (losing R).

From now on you have to click 3 times the football (ball) in the captcha of the hostile clause.

As we discussed in the notes of last season, Players who celebrate 34 years old in the upcoming season, won’t be able to play anymore. You can send them to the Hall of Fame if they fulfill the requirements.
For any questions on this topic, consult this post:

We hope you like the new changes, enjoy the new season!

Feel free to comment this future update in the following link:

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UPDATES NEXT SEASON 19 Thu, 19 Mar 2015 12:33:46 +0100
Season 17 has almost ended and while for Season 18 we are focused to fix some issues in order to offer a better game, you should start planning Season 19! We would like to share with you the new updates we will introduce.

In Season 19 we are going to delete the chance to resign (R) juniors for all the managers that has played more than 4 seasons (1 year). Managers with less than 1 year playing can still resign (R) their juniors, but experienced manager will have to put a salary & release clause because… All juniors will be vulnerable to receive a Hostile Clause!

After this update, we hope market will be more exciting than ever!

We are planning to reduce in 1 year the age requirements for retirement for all the players and, in Season 20, we will reduce another year. This means: In Season 18 you can keep playing with all your players of 35 years old, in Season 19 until 34 years old and in Season 20 only until 33 years old.

Start to plan your team and take a look on your older players, maybe this will be their last season!

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UPDATES SEASON 19 Thu, 18 Jun 2015 11:04:41 +0200
We would like to share with you the new upgrades we will introduce with the new season.

From next season, all the managers who played more than 4 seasons (1 year), won't be able to resign (R) juniors.
All the managers with less than 1 year playing can still resign (R) their juniors, but experienced managers will have to put a salary & release clause because.. All juniors will be vulnerable to receive a Hostile Clause!
Be sure to renew all your juniors because the Hostile Clause's night gonna be crazy!

From next season the retirement age will be reduced by 1 year for all the players.

Players, who celebrate 35 years old, during next season, won’t be able to play anymore and players, who celebrate 34 years old, will enjoy their last season. During Seasons 20 we will reduce another year, meaning that players older than 33 won't be able to play anymore.

These are the updates we have planned, we hope you enjoy them and help improving the market.

We hope you like the new changes, enjoy the new season!

Feel free to comment this future update in the following link:


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UPDATES NEXT SEASON 12 Tue, 17 Sep 2013 16:37:54 +0200
We would like to share with you the new updates we will introduce next season.

We found a way to do it, but until the season starts we cannot see if it works well.
What does this mean? From now on, those who continued playing the Striker Cup on Thursdays couldn’t arrange friendlies on Tuesday even if the day was free for playing friendlies. Now they will be able to arrange friendlies on Tuesday.

From next season, nicknames will be automatically erased when the player is transferred. This measure is to avoid people cheating with fake progression and forecast in the market. The change of nickname will appear in the player history with date and nickname set. This information will be only available for @s fiscals and admins.
This way we can control people who lie and try to trick other managers into buying players with a fake progression.

- From next season you will have the chance to get back to your team those loan players that do not train for 7 days straight. You will have to be aware of your loan players because any employee will send you a notice.
If a loan player does not train, the seventh day will appear in the player profile a button to cancel the loan. The owner of the player can get the player back without consent of the other manager. Once the player is completely recovered, he can be loaned again to another team.
Attention: This means that if the player does not receive the agreed training but other training then the button of cancelling the loan will NOT appear.

We have created a tool in the screen ""friendlies"" where you can enable / disable the option ""receive requests"". If you already have all your friendlies arranged you can activate friendly and avoid receiving unnecessary requests.
Default button appears: Don’t receive requests, this means that you can get requests. If you click on it, the button will change and you will see receive requests, which means that you cannot receive because it is activated.

We hope you like the new features this season.

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Changes in beta simulator Mon, 19 Mar 2012 16:16:39 +0100
1.- There will be no injuries or energy loss in beta simulator matches. This will make it viable to test it with your best players.

2.- We've been working on the offside a lot. Specially in situations where 2 strikers where all alone in front of the goalkeeper. In the past, they kept passing the ball to each other until offside was called, we hope we've fixed that, but please report it to us if you see any situation that is still causing troubles.

3.- We will appreciate your feedback regarding offsides in general. Have they been lowered too much? Too little? The massive offside tactic... is still viable? Should we change something regarding offsides? Thanks a lot!

4.- We've fixed the problem that caused fouls called very close to the area, to be penalties instead. We hope they are now marked correctly as fouls, not penalties. Please let us know if you see any situation like this.

5.- A new feature has been added, when it comes to shot on goal. Situations where the striker is placed inside the small area ( goalkeeper area ), and the goalkeeper is incorrectly placed, the chances to be goal have been dramatically increased. Let's see if it's true!

6.- We haven't changed anything else regarding shots on goal yet, but we have added an internal log system to monitor the simulation. We will be happy if you pass us links of matches where goals are scored very soon in the game, or very close to each other ( like, 2 goals before minute 10, or goals at minute 24 and 25 ), always speaking of goals from the same team of course.

Please post the links of the games here in the post, and we will look at them as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance! We really appreciate your help!

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UPDATES SEASON 10 Fri, 22 Mar 2013 14:28:39 +0100
We would like to share with you the new updates we will introduce next season.


We are glad to present a new communication tool for all game users. It’s called Whistle, a quite similar Twitter tool that will allow all users write comments to be read by their followers and be more connected with friends.

-To write messages to your followers and be able to read them too.
- To follow or unfollow any game user.
- To create trending topics using #.
- Being able to know the 10 trending topics of the moment.
- In some game screens the Whistle icon will appear to allow the user to create automatically a new message by clicking on it.

For example: If you want to communicate a game score or if your player has been MVP, a default whistle will be created.
You could find the whistle tool on the main game screen, next to the chat bar.

Improvement in schools:
It will improve the quality of players coming out of schools.

Game incomes:

As you know the team's popularity is related to the game incomes. We have therefore decided to reduce the loss of popularity when a team relegates and so avoid drastic changes in the game incomes.

We hope you like the new features this season.

Feel free to comment this future update in the following link:

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Updates season 9 Wed, 19 Dec 2012 17:08:51 +0100
First of all, regarding the new season calendar.

This season things will work slightly different, as the end of season is next monday 24th of December. Obviously, we all want to enjoy christmas with family, so we wont be able to change seasons until december 27th. ( 26th is also a very important celebration for us in Catalonia ). The game will remain opened until 27th, we will try to open the same day if possible, or early on the 28th. To accomplish this, the following updates in the game will be uplodaded tomorrow 20th, after the cup game is played.

Regarding the night where junior Rs are removed. As it is now, they will be removed the night of the 31, certainly a bad day, so we will move it to the night of January 1st, on to the 2nd.


All stadiums will gain the ability to sell food and drinks. It works in a similar as the store we currently have, but adding some new twists to make it even more interesting.

We will have to produce foods/drinks, and they will be sold every time a match is played on our stadium. There will be a list of 20 differents elements to choose from. Each course or drink will have its own characteristics, and depending on them, it will have more or less popular with the different kind of people that come to the stadium. For example, people that buys a VIP ticket, will prefer to buy wine over beer, and someone who buys a general ticket will prefer a frankfurt over caviar. Depending on how many seats we have of each type, we will have to adapt our production to fullfill people needs.

Every course/drink has its own production time, production cost, and sell value. Like the store, catering service also has 5 levels, wchih will allow us to prepare new courses. Every level decreases production times as well. Some of them will be only available with golden balls though.

Catering has some differences with our current store though. We are selling food now, and food gets bad if it stays too much time in the fridge. In Striker Manager we are very sensible with 3rd world needs, and we do not allow food being wasted. So after every match, all the food that we have still on stock will be given away to charity, so we have to be aware not to produce too much, otherwise we might lose money.

Hall of fame

We have introduced a way to know how many merits a player currently has, in order to enter the hall of fame. It will be placed on the player's profile, and then on the Awards page. There you will find information on how many points does he have, how did he gained them, and how many points does he still need to accomplsih the HoF requirements.

I hope you like the new changes, enjoy the new season!]]>
NEW UPDATE: STORE Mon, 15 Oct 2012 11:49:48 +0200
We will update Striker Manager soon to add the new store.

In Club menu you will find the button “store”. Each team will have its own store. With this new tool, you can sell merchandising from your club to get extra money. We consider this new tool very important for lower division teams which have spent little time in the game to earn some extra incomes.
In the store you can make five kinds of items:

-Key chains
-Little flags
-Footballs (to unlock only once with golden balls; unlock permanent)
-Jerseys (to unlock only once with golden balls; unlock permanent)
-Football boots (to unlock only once with golden balls; unlock permanent)

The running is easy, you select the amount you want to manufacture and then you will see the cost and the time your factory takes to have the items in stock.

You can only manufacture items one by one, so if you open the mass-production queue to manufacture 300 key chains on the assembly line and this takes 26 minutes, you will have to wait until the end to manufacture a new product. The more items you manufacture the more time the production will last.

If you click on the button “mass-production queue” you can see the product that is currently being manufacture. You have the option to put in mass-production queue up to five items so when the current production finishes you do not have to come back to put new items in queue, the system will do it automatically. This option can be unlocked with golden balls or Pack Manager and will last 1 month.

Depending on the number of supporters your team has, you will sell more or less merchandising every day. The count of items sold during the day is calculated early in the morning.

You should pay attention to the sales of each item in order to get a general idea about which is the best suitable stock for your store.

The store has 5 levels that you can improve. You can also increase the maximum number of items you can make in a single production. For example, you can make a maximum of 400 items at the level 1, while you can manufacture up to 2000 items at level 5.

We decided to restructure the main menu in order to make easier the access to some options of the game. Squad, Line-up senior, junior line-up and junior squad will be in the same menu called “coach”. The store will be in menu “club”. And “view opponent” will be in the board “next game”.

We hope you will enjoy this new store!

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Offers for 7th teams Mon, 08 Oct 2012 18:43:26 +0200
In order to promote all the teams in 7th division we have put an offer to all of them. If you are one of them, click here: to check out your offer. Once you see it, you will only have to accept it. If during the process you have any problem or doubt, please, contact with us.

PD Enjoy your new division ;)]]>
New Updates season 8 Fri, 21 Sep 2012 14:34:19 +0200
Dear users,

We would like to announce you the new updates we will implement for next season that hopefully you like:

- Juniors with 14-15 years old on auction
We detected some abuses when selling juniors. These juniors were sold for a low price and then the buyer resold the same junior for a much higher price. We decided to regulate the junior buying and selling by setting auctions as the only way to sell or purchase all the juniors with 14-15 years-old.

- Give Golden Balls to friends: From season 8 you will have the option to purchase golden balls and give them to the user you want to.
Note: This option is available only with golden balls purchased at the moment of sending the gift, so you cannot give golden balls you have already in your account or golden balls gotten via free golden balls systems. New achievement regarding this option can be implemented.

- Removing the multi-offering for juniors.

- Formation training for employees will be unlimited, being 99% the maximum percentage that can be reached. Prices of courses will vary a lot. We will send you further information next season

- The task developed by the @ (moderator, fiscal or administrator) will appear in the profile information.

- Supporters
In the team profile information you will have the possibility to give a name to your supporters.

- Progression will be visible as Forecast. You can get the progression of a player by paying golden balls.

- Express auctions: We open the possibility to put up for auction players for 24 hours-48 hours or 72hours

- Simulator
We will not update the current simulator with the changes of beta simulator because we consider there are some problems to be fixed before to update the stable version.

Feel free to comment this future update in the following link:

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Reminder hostile clauses Mon, 02 Jan 2012 16:56:36 +0100
re-sign your juniors if you dont want to lose them!]]>
NEw simulator updates Tue, 31 Jan 2012 20:48:18 +0100
We are still tweaking things a bit, they may have become a little bit too good now, so expect minor changes in the following days.]]>
NEW UPDATES FOR SEASON 7 Fri, 22 Jun 2012 12:28:49 +0200
Dear users,

We would like to announce you the new updates we will implement for next season that hopefully you like:

- Achievements:
We have created a list of specific game challenges you can complete and so get the achievement proposed.
Achievements are related with everything in the game: squad, economy, team results, stadium, community etc. Getting an achievement will give you "Achievement Points". Some achievement has different levels that you need to get all to complete the challenge. We have created a ranking with all game users and you will find who have got more achievements and in which position you are.
Among the joy that causes being the first in that ranking, we have also some presents for you. If you have gotten a lot of achievements, you will be able to choose the name for a future "junior star player" that will appear in the game.
Moreover you will be able to publish your achievements on facebook and twitter!

- Deposits:
Deposits interest will be capped to 7%. You will get all your deposits back to your cash at the end of the season and you will have to put them again into deposits with the new interest.

- Hall of fame:
We have created a HALL OF FAME.
From next season you will have the possibility to retire some veteran players from your roster and their jersey will become part of your permanent Hall of Fame exhibit, honouring their accomplishments.
You will have also the option to turn your retired player into EMPLOYEE. The tasks they will develop are all but doctor and financier.
They will improve the quality of your current employee from 1 to 10 points.

You need to get 10 points to retire a player; How do you get them?

- 4 seasons playing in your team (the first four seasons are not taken into account)= 4 points
- One season award = 1 point
- 10 match MVP = 1 point

The requirements for retiring players and they can become part of your Hall of Fame are going to be the following ones:

- The minimum age will be 30 years old for normal players and 36 years old for star players.
- The player must have played a minimum of 4 seasons in your team.
- Each retired player may become employee in 3 work specialties. You must choose one if you want him to become employee of your club.
- When you retire a player, he will take a deserved break from action. He will be away for 3 months, and you will have him available when the next season starts, after these 3 months have passed.

For example: We are currently at season 6, if you retire a player now, he will be away for 3 months, so he will be back at the end of season 6, but you will not be able to hire him until the start of season 7.

- Informative message when hiring employees

We added an informative message when hiring employees. If you want to hire an employee and when you accept, this employee is not available because other player has already hired him. Now you will get a pop-up message telling that this employee is not available and the employee will disappear and another will take his place.

- Tutorial message when reaching 8000 experience points.

We have added a tutorial message when you reach 8.000 experience points, giving you more advanced guidelines for the future.

- Free market:

The limitation for buying/selling players from low/high divisions has been removed completely. Now a team from 1st division can pay hostile clause to get a player from 6th division and vice versa.
Note: This doesn’t include loans!

- New junior Stars

We will launch some Junior Stars on auction (14 years-old, 99 progression points)


The option of auto-biding for a player has been removed, I mean, you will not be able to bid for a player you put up for auction.
Note: This does not include "direct purchase".

- "Formation canon"

We added a called “formation canon” in transfers.

Every time a player is transferred, the team where that player was created (school) will get benefit from it. A % of the total amount will be given to him.

The percentage is variable depending on the following factors:
- Players born with 2% canon
- Every season that a player stays on his original team, his canon goes up by 2% ( Limited to the age of 20 years-old )
- Every time the player is transferred, this percentage goes down by 2%.
- You can find this information in player profile.

For example: You are about to sell a junior player that has been on your team for two years, since he was born. You sell it for 5M.

Two months later, the player is sold to another team for 10M. The canon for that player is: 2% (original) + 4% (2% for every year). So it's 6%. Therefore you will get 6% of 10M.

The initial canon of all players in the game now will be 2%, independently of how many seasons have been playing for you.

- User signature in forum

We have added a signature in every post you create into the forums, with info about you and your team. We have also added a "title" that you can improve by posting messages in forums.

- New awards for champions

The champion of the first division gets 100 golden balls (Up from 25)

- Schools:

You will get a message when you destroy a school in your message box and you will gain 1% of the cost of the school you destroyed.

-Tactic improvements

We added a new button to make easier the activation and deactivation of advanced tactics.

-Automatic junior line-up

We have improved the running of this tool. Now the automatic line-up will act only if you have activated the tool if not, and there are unexpected changes and a junior joins the squad or leave the line-up will not change even if there are some free position in the starting line-up.

Feel free to comment this future update in the following link:


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New schools available Tue, 12 Jun 2012 16:18:57 +0200

On the occasion of Euro 2012 football championship. we have created new schools in Poland, Greece, Czech Republic and Denmark in order to complete all the countries participating in this competition.

We hope you will enjoy them.

Changes in Line-up and training screen Mon, 21 May 2012 10:44:22 +0200
Dear users,

In our effort to improve the game we have made two changes we hope you will appreciate:

-Improvement in automatic junior line-up

We have implemented a change in the junior line-up. We improved the automatic line-up button.
Previously, as you know, the junior line-up was always mixed up because temporary junior promotions or juniors who were put up for auction and then sold; or because a junior promotion from the school.
From now on, the system will act when this happens and will fill the hole left with a player from the same position; and if it is not possible, the hole will be filled by the player who gets more motivation in this position.
Moreover, the remaining players will be ordered and junior with best average will be substitutes and the rest of juniors will be Reserves.
In this way the automatic line-up tries to get the best performance of junior players in case of unexpected changes.

- Restructuring of training screen:

In order to speed-up and facilitate the scheduling of trainings we implemented a restructuring of the training screen.
If you go to the Training screen, you will find the same screen as before. Then you have to choose which training you want to schedule: Senior or Junior. You click on the button “Sched. Training” and the new screen will appear. The next step is to set the type of training you want to your players. You will find three tables: one with the type of training; another with the position concerned and the last one with the last training done and the list of scheduled training.
In this new section you will be able to do everything. You need only a simply click on the training you want to schedule, and this will appear automatically in the list of scheduled trainings. You can also erase the last training if you want to.

NOTE: If you have some problems to visualize the new screen properly, you have to clear cache data and cookies from your browser!!

Small improvements in the game Thu, 03 May 2012 10:31:04 +0200

We will upload the following changes that hopefully you like:

Mobile version:

We have implemented in the mobile application some of the features we already have in the web version.

- From now on you can plan trainings to your employees using the mobile application.
- Also you can activate the button "speed up" to shorten the duration of the remodelling works of the stadium.
- You will be able to erase the skills of the players. Remember that this option has a cost of 20 golden balls.
- You can arrange friendlies and change them to beta version.

Some bugs has been fixed:
- Problems with the years of contract when signing players
- Direct purchases of players: now the price set has to be equal or bigger than the price set by the system, as in the website version.

Web version:

- We have improved the automatic line-up of juniors. After this change we hope the problems will stay away regarding automatic line-up.

Edited by @ranru 03-05-2012 11:05]]>
Little Changes in Simulator Thu, 26 Apr 2012 11:35:08 +0200

We have updated our simulator a little regarding off-sides. After working with the beta simulator, we got some improvements in this issue and we decided to implement the new results in the stable version.

Which changes?
As you know well the off-side logic is very problematic. We have fixed some specific issues, like when 2 players are alone in front of the goalkeeper, from now on they should not pass the ball to each other, until an offside is called. There should be less offsides in general, which is a good thing overall, so we are happy with this.

On the other hand, we know that this new version has a new problem regarding offsides. Now, sometimes, offside will not be called correctly when a player is clearly in an offside position (it can happen even for very big margins, like 5 meters, or more ). We have been working on it to fix the problem, but it is somehow complicated to test it, so it might take a while.

The beta version that you currently have activated tries to solve this problem, let is see if it is true and we can put it on stable as soon as possible.

We know there are already some problems and we keep working hard to fix these problems the current simulator has.

We would like to thank you once more for your patience!


Edited by @ranru 26-04-2012 11:50]]>